Press release: Suitsupply's Fall/Winter ‘13

Aug 19, 2013 By: Suitsupply Press Source: Suitsupply Press

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Suitsupply and the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum have found a unique collaboration for two seasons to celebrate the reopening of the national gallery. “We were actually using the special colors of Rembrandt and Vermeer for our spring summer 2014 collection, when we found out what an exciting background these paintings made, we of course wanted to shoot here”says Fokke de Jong, CEO of Suitsupply

“These masterful painting techniques and rich colors turned out to combine amazingly well with our fall winter collection. The paintings look like they absorb our models; it was easy to make an interaction between the paintings and the models. Rembrandt always painted a scene as if you coincidently walked by. Like in the painting, “The Syndics of the Drapers Guild”, where the men look at you somewhat disturbed, as if you unexpectedly walked in the room; because of this, there is an immediate interaction with the painting. Rembrandt was actually really good in advertising”.

Possibly our favorite trend and our focus this year is texture. We found rich, lifted fabrics for everything from pea coats to suits. Our ties this season are exaggerated takes on classics, made in some of these textured wools, knits, and silks. The tweak is slight, but makes all the difference. We tapped into one of the most traditional, old-school men’s fashion fabrics, bouclé, for a handful of fitted jackets--adding a slight twist to modernize the classic tweedish look. Our double-breasted—the most swanky of all men’s jackets—now has a more curved lapel, patch pockets, and a Neapolitan shoulder. We fused that look into heavy knits made from fine cashmere and hefty wools in subdued jewel colors. All work perfectly with chunky, tightly fitted cardigans.
Cotton can go winter, in washed suits that look perfectly broken in and fit impeccably. This season’s cashmere/wool sleeveless hoodies and sweaters are great for layering, especially in the versatile brown and navy blends we found in Italy.

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