Introducing Suitsupply Spring/Summer 2015

Feb 18, 2015

February 2015 — Along verdant cliff sides, perched on the edge of the tumultuous, infinite sea, there is a vision on the rise. A dream-world inside the eye of a sapphire bauble, a place with glints of sunlight, and men of purpose, and watery maidens, beautiful and fey. This is where fantasies flutter and float, a place where the spirit is as buoyant as the body.

Or, if you’re the practical type, this is a swimming pool in Cape Town, South Africa. But what’s the fun in that? Much better, certainly, if one imagines it to be something altogether more... enrapturing.

For Suitsupply’s Spring 2015 collection, the European-based brand trekked to the greener and bluer horizons of the Southern hemisphere to team with renowned Dutch photographer Carli Hermès for an underwater shoot on the coasts of the Mother City.

"We wanted to do something we haven't done before, while, at the same time, illustrating the concept of going 'into the unknown'," says CEO Fokke de Jong.

And the result, other than drenching handsome clothes by the dozens, is equal parts human magnetism and otherworldly charm, as herringbone vests and navy suits flit through cerulean waters and along lovely sea creatures. To not know the quality or kind of the thing, and yet to want it deeply: that is the essential allure of mystery, that which keeps us yearning and searching. May the answer always lie out there, somewhere in the blue; or in the more familiar place like the new spring summer collection.

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