Suitsupply teams up with Baldwin

Sep 8, 2013 By: Suitsupply Source: Suitsupply

European men’s fashion brand Suitsupply is embracing the best of American style with a highly-anticipated collaboration with Kansas City-based Baldwin Denim, whose founder and designer Matt Baldwin was recently named one of GQ’s Best New Designers of the Year. “The mixing of rugged and tailored looks is a key component of men’s style, and this collaboration offers Suitsupply customers the perfect opportunity to embrace the look,” said Suitsupply founder and CEO Fokke de Jong. “We scoured the market for just the right partner for our first-ever denim collaboration, and we’ve found the perfect fit with Baldwin.” For the exclusive partnership, Baldwin developed an entirely new, mid-rise slim fit that’s specifically designed to be worn with a tailored look. “The fit is ideal for a more dressed-up, tucked-in look, and the slim leg is spot on for pairing with a double-monk or suede dress shoes,” said Matt Baldwin, who called Suitsupply the ideal partner. “We’ve been keeping an eye on the Suitsupply brand, and when a few of us stopped by the New York store and saw the entire setup — the collection, the aesthetic, the way it was aimed at a new generation that’s all about mixing and matching, and breaking down a tailored look, it felt right.”

The jeans, which are made from 13-oz. raw redline selvage from Cone Denim’s legendary White Oak mill, will be available in the U.S. on a limited run. “They’re the perfect addition to our growing roster of Suitsupply exclusives,” said Suitsupply’s US Market maker Nish De Gruiter. “We’ve seen huge a response to our exclusive line of footwear with Antonio Maurizi, and we’re excited to see what happens when these two masters of attire join forces.”

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